Why teens should rescue dogs

By May 21, 2016Gia Pizzano

Being a teenager in today’s society is not easy or perfect. While most people look happy in the eyes of others, especially on social media, teenagers face many struggles everyday. Teens are expected to start to grow up and start to become an adult while they are still trying to discover their own identity. Many face anxiety, peer pressure, bullying, and loneliness. About one in two teens have also dealt with a mental illness at least once in their life. Teens have a lot to juggle during this difficult stage of their lives, needing someone or something to turn to at the end of the day for love and support.

No matter what happens during my day and no matter how hectic things get, I always come home to a huge welcome from my dogs who are always there for me. Dogs are not just a pet, they are family. They are your best friends and silent teachers. Rescuing a dog can not only save their lives, but the lives of their owners. So many dogs need homes today and are waiting for their forever home, but a teen can also be rescued by adopting a dog. Teens are able to learn how to be responsible and compassionate by them. Dogs require a lot of care, being fully dependent on their owner. This can also prepare teens for the future and adulthood.  A dog owner is given a new purpose in life and is needed by his canine companion. You are never alone and will have your dog to turn to in hard times whenever necessary.  

Dogs require a lot of attention and love. However, dogs give even more love in return and are always there for you. They are present to comfort you after a rough day and provide a support that no other human can offer. Dogs will understand your emotions and react to them. My dog senses when I am upset and tries to play with me and make me happy again, being that he gets upset seeing me sad. They have feelings, too, and understand you and all you do for them. Their unconditional love is irreplaceable and they are present to constantly give you emotional support.  They can relieve stress, turning our attention to them and away from our everyday problems. They will improve your life, and overall well being.

By a teen rescuing a dog, he will gain a new best friend that will love him forever. A dog can make him forget about the world around him and give him a reason to continue on. They will have a positive impact on a teen’s health, especially emotional health. Some dogs have been through hard times just like their owners, being able to understand them even more, building an even stronger bond. Two individuals will be saved by rescuing a dog and two lives will be changed forever.

Gia Pizzano

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