The Dog Ate My Homework or Did He Chapter 6 Adversity and Conflict Resolution

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Consider how dogs greet each other compared to how humans do. A dog will be sure to run up as close as possible, arguably too close at times, but they always make sure they are close before the actual greeting takes place.

Humans on the other hand have a habit of trying to communicate from a distance. Many times the exchange then moves into a challenging place since the separation is not addressed appropriately. Case in point, I have been accused, and rightfully so, of trying to “communicate” from one level of the house to another.

Let’s address the frustration that can occur and how it applies to resolving conflicts and adversity.

We often expect others to simply understand our point of view or “buy in” to our way of thinking without considering where they stand on the particular issue. This is the distance and of course the resulting difficulty in communicating with someone else.

A dog has a much better sense, because when they are so close to another dog or human when greeting them they know everything they need to know about them. A dog is also showing us that we need to “meet people where they are” if we expect to have success in influencing those we are in contact with.

How many times have you not considered this distance when trying to communicate something and then end up having adversity be a huge issue?

The image we should create is a football field. Often times we are in one end zone with our point of view and the other person is in the other end zone. Frustration mounts when we cannot seem to make progress with the other person. Instead of moving to midfield or at least the 30-yard line we stay where we are and adversity rises. The communication is also not effective since we are clearly too far away, literally and figuratively.

Our thoughts should go to our canine friends as quickly as possible. No, I do not expect you to smell another person like a dog does, I just want you to consider coming closer so that we have a better chance of being open to the other perspective and cutting down on adversity and conflicts.


  • Mary Duck says:

    This is EXACTLY what I needed to read about TODAY. Conflicting thoughts & ideas are happening between me & a family member as I sit here !!!!

    Mary Duck

    • Joe says:

      Dear Mary,

      Thank you for your affirming comment!
      No doubt that some of these matters hit home at the right time. I am glad to hear that was the case for you!
      I hope everything works out for you and your family.

      Daniel says hello

      Peace, Joe

  • Colleen says:

    This happens at work frequently. These are good words to ponder, and hopefully it opens the door to better understanding of others.

    • Joe says:

      Dear Colleen,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, these conflicts appear in many areas of life but when we have a good example (from our canines of course), it does help.

      Peace, Joe

  • Laura Willey-LeRoy says:

    Hello once again to my two very special and dearest friends Joe&Daniel&Gang!!!!

    I face this same thing especially with my younger brothert Jim!!!!!
    My 7 year old nephew Jayce is Aspergers(Highly functioning Autism)
    Jim leaves all the work to Jayce’s teachers and therapist. He does nothing to help Jayce succeed or be independant. i also have to get close to my husband on certain issues. You are right we can learn alot from ourloving dogs. My Hershey dog has taught me alot about getting closer to each other on subjects. you guys are the dogs bark LOL LOL and I love you dearly!!!! I just wish I could really put into all the words I want to on how you both have saved my life and just lifted me spiritually emotionally, and how much stronger you have made me!!!

    God Bless XOXO

    • Joe says:

      Dear Laura,

      Thank you so much for being our friend and always fro you incredible kind words.
      We will always be in touch as more lessons from Daniel and our loving canines are the best way to a peaceful life

      Peace, Joe

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