“Reggie – adopted August 11th”


“It’s hard to say what prompted me to enquire about Bitzy — was it his adorable albeit somewhat sad little face, or the appealing, comprehensive write-up about him?  I’d been checking Petfinder for the better part of a year, since we lost our beloved 15-year-old Shih tzu. I’d become familiar with the names and websites of many shelters and rescue groups, but this was the first I’d heard of Daniel’s Dream.

This being the digital age, before doing anything I Googled the organization to learn about it, and the story behind Daniel’s Dream is an inspiring one, focusing on both dog- and people- rescue. I knew we were in good hands.

The paragraph about Bitzy told of how he came to be surrendered and gave a good indication of his personality.  No sooner had I filled out the application than references were checked, phone calls were made, and we had an appointment to meet the little fellow.  The process was efficient, thorough, and caring  My dog-loving friends who were contacted by Nellie — the Daniel’s Dream volunteer who had been fostering Bitzy —were very impressed.

Nellie graciously invited us to her home and spent lots of time with us.   No question was too trivial.  Bitzy had been groomed, neutered, and microchipped, and he had all the necessary shots.  Nellie gave us two months’ worth of heartworm and tick-repellant medication, as well as  all the documentation regarding vaccines, the microchip, and so on.   Not only that, but she also gave us a couple days worth of the food Bitzy had been eating, plus a leash and collar, a bowl, and a little bed.

Now  Bitzy — whose name is slowly being altered to Sparky —  is settling in nicely  Hard to believe it’s just 10 days since this part of our lives began.  Many thanks to Nellie and to everyone at Daniel’s Dream.”

~Jim and Donna Martin


“Poochie – adopted July 25th”


“Nellie, we wanted to thank you and Joseph for helping us throughout the whole adoption. Having Olive has made us very happy and we are looking forward to all the fun times to come as she becomes more and more part of our family. Please know that she is safe with us and very much loved. We just wanted the donation in any way to give other animals a chance and good future like she has. Thank you again for everything. ”

Adopted May 23rd



“Scrappy – adopted May 23rd “


“Nico – adopted April 21st”


I’m so thankful to Daniel‘s Dream for working so hard on ensuring that our home was the right fit for our Gracie. From the first time I called with questions before submitting my application for our girl, to introductions, and our home visit. You guys took the time to inform and help us. Thank you to your foster families too, they are excellent, (a shout out to Ed and his wife – as they really prepared Gracie for a stable, loving home) and most especially you Nellie, you have been nothing but supportive every single step of the way in this process. This is how adoption should be done:) It gave us confidence and makes us feel part of a community rooting for our dog to succeed – as it does take a village sometimes! 😁 Many thanks for all you continue to do for us and other families and their puppers! Keep up the wonderful work you do. Many blessings!”


In April of 2017, we rescued a Pomeranian from a deplorable puppy mill in Maryland. Charlie was extremely frightened of everything and everyone he came into contact with. He’d never had a chance to be a dog, and we were thrilled to have him experience the good life. As he progressed, we realized he wanted to have a companion and began to look for a small dog to help him acclimate more. After seeing Mookie’s picture online, I was in love. There was a sparkle in his eye and I knew he needed to become a Schwab!

Mookie has become part of the family in no time. He is animated and makes us laugh numerous times a day. But more importantly, he and Charlie have bonded. They spend hours playing and frolicking, chasing and napping, and just loving each other. We have seen a new side of Charlie, and it’s brought us to tears. We were afraid he was damaged beyond repair. Mookie is truly a miracle to our family. Thank you, Daniel’s Dream!”

~The Schwab Family


Dewey came to us as a skinny shaved placid dog of questionable age. In less than 2 months, he is now fluffy and filled out, and full of curiosity about the world. He is always ready to prance out of the house to explore the outside, chase squirrels, and eagerly meet any dog in the neighborhood.

Adopting a rescue is a bit of a step into the unknown. Dewey has shown us his loving caring side, as well as his intense need to escape and protect his own personal boundaries. We’ve needed some help along the way to be able to understand these behaviors. So, It’s been a learning experience for us all.

I can’t thank Nellie enough for picking our application out of the pile. She will always be the angel that changed our lives forever. Thank you for bringing us Dewey.”


Jack’s prior family was unable to keep him and reached out to Daniel’s Dream Rescue to help
rehome him. He came into our lives two months after our beloved senior hospice foster
“Cookie” passed away. Though completely opposite in energy and personality, there was a
special something about Jack that reminded us of girl, Cookie, though we absolutely love Jack
for the adorable character features unique to him. We are proud and so grateful that Daniel’s
Dream Dog Rescue was able to provide a safe haven for our lovable, snuggly pooch Jack. One by
one, with compassion and expertise, DDR is protecting and saving the lives of many companion
pets in need of secure loving homes. Adopt, please don’t shop!”

The Reynolds Family


After spending his first few months of his life living on the streets as a stray, Finn (formerly Zeus) has found his way to Daniels Dream where he lived in two foster homes before he found his forever home. My husband and I are very blessed to have Finn be a part of our family. Although he is still timid at times he has been adjusting well to his new home and to his new fur brother. I cannot imagine what Finn had endured before he was rescued by Daniel’s Dream. Finn has been adopted now for almost one month and he loves life in suburbia where he is shown nothing but love and warm embrace. This was my first time adopting a dog and it was such a pleasure to work with Daniel’s Dream that I would highly recommend others to work with this organization.

Dickens (Now Oliver)

I want to thank Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue for bringing my new dog Oliver (formerly Dickens) and me together! When I contacted Daniel’s about Oliver, I heard right back from Joe and Nellie; and together all of us were able to give Oliver his forever home. I can’t thank everyone enough, from Nellie and Nancy to the foster families that worked around my schedule and provided me with info on him so I could pick up Oliver and feel like I already knew him. We have been together a month (since mid-May 2017), and he is a happy dog who has become the star of the neighborhood and our local park (on leash, of course—always!). He is truly a special dog who is now a loved and treasured member of my home. If there were more people like Nellie and Nancy and Joe and more organizations like Daniel’s Dream, there would be fewer homeless dogs looking for love! Again, I thank everyone at Daniel’s Dream from the bottom of my heart for making Oliver a part of my life.”

Apollo and Hercules

My family and I have two older Chihuahua mixes, Chico and Macy. We decided to adopt another, younger Chihuahua and add to our family. We came across Apollo and Hercules on which led us to Daniel’s Rescue’s Webpage. We applied online and requested information
on Apollo and Hercules. After thoroughly checking our references with our friends and dogs’ Vet, we had a meet and greet with Apollo and Hercules at our home. Its now about a month later and the dogs are adjusting well with each other and with the family. They run around the house and the yard
consistently and they seem genuinely happy to be a part of our family. My family loves these two little pups.”


Bentley has been with us for just one month, but we can’t imagine our family without him. We believe he is the most laid back dog ever!! He loves taking walks in his new neighborhood, playing with all his squeaky toys, and just being near us! We feel lucky and blessed to have found such an adorable and loving dog.

Thank you to Nellie and Daniel’s Dream Rescue for bringing Bentley into our lives. We are so grateful that you saved him. All dogs need a home and it’s so wonderful that you try to make that happen for so many!! Wishing you many more happy endings like ours!”


After spending 1-1/2 yrs in a local shelter, then another 11 months with his Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue foster mom and yet another five months in training with trainer/behaviorist Jeff Coltenback in North Carolina, Blake has finally found his forever home with a very loving family including a canine brother to play with. Blake is happy, healthy and starting a new chapter in his life thanks to all our combined efforts. This all came to be because we believed in Blake and knew he was well worth saving. We are so thankful for the journey we traveled with Blake. It took time, love and a deep commitment, knowing each dog we rescue deserves a chance to enjoy a normal life and be the dog they were meant to be. Happy New Life Blake!! We will always love you!

Nellie Reynolds – Blake’s former Foster Mom (Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue


Fluffy is now answering to his new name, Ollie. He has settled in nicely with his older “brother” Popeye and they are like two peas in a pod! Ollie is such a sweet, mellow little guy and a wonderful addition to the household. He has been to the groomers, the vet and even to the dog hotel and loves to meet new people.

Adopting Ollie was and still is a wonderful experience. He wiggled his way into my heart and it’s hard to believe that he has only been with me for about two months. My experience with Daniel’s Dream was perfect and I encourage anyone who is considering a pet to contact them first. Rescue dogs are the best!


“Our family had been looking to adopt a dog for over a year. We knew that we wanted to rescue an adult dog because there are so many wonderful animals out there that deserve a good, loving home. We never thought we would end up with a senior, but Ruby’s (formerly Bella) story just touched us and we knew she was the pet for our family. She has settled in nicely and is getting lots of love from all of us. Every day with her brings us so much joy. Thank you Daniel’s Dream for finding her and everything you do for all of the homeless dogs out there.”


“Vincent is doing very well, gained weight and has calmed down a lot. He wasn’t very interested in eating at first and seemed very nervous when I offered him food, but now gobbles down his meals. I bought him a warm plaid fleece coat for the cold months and two lighter coats for now. He just loves to get dressed up for his walks and goes out at least six times a day. He also loves to go for rides, and especially loves to visit Pet Smart so he can check out the other dogs.

It was my lucky day when I saw Vincent’s (aka Snowball) picture on Petfinder. Everyone I’ve met from Daniel’s Dream has gone out of their way to help and encourage me during this rescue. It’s a blessing to know I can contact Nellie or Nancy with questions and concerns. Just knowing you’re all there for me and Vincent is very reassuring. Thank you Daniel’s Dream for bringing Vincent into my life. He will always be loved and cherished.”


“It’s been exactly one week that Beau and I became a family and Beau moved into my apartment in NYC! Even in such a short amount of time, We have grown so close and I am so in love with him! I feel like he has always been a part of my life! Beau has adjusted really well and we have so much fun playing fetch, snuggling on the couch and going for walks!

I feel so fortunate to have found Daniel’s Dream and been granted the honor to adopt Beau!! Working with Daniel’s Dream has been such an incredible experience and I will continue to tell everyone about this amazing rescue organization! From the minute I sent my application in, I knew this was a perfect match! The love that Nellie, Nancy and Joe show not only to their furry friends but to the human ones made this such a heartwarming journey! Nellie spoke to my references and each of them raved to me about how warm, caring and loving she was. That warmth carried through during my entire adoption journey! Nancy was outstanding with providing everything I needed to know about Beau’s medical background and has been there to answer any follow up questions that I had! I will always stay connected to them and Nellie, Nancy and Joe will remain a part of my life forever!

Thank you DDR for all you do to save so many animals and to bring love and happiness to animals and their new owners!!! All dogs deserve this second chance! Thank you for making a difference! My heart will always be grateful!”


Daniel’s Dream is an organization like no other, and without their patience and thoughtful approach we’d never have found the newest member of our family, Shasta.

We discovered Shasta’s listing at a time that was not particularly ideal for bringing a new dog into the house, yet we knew she was meant to be a part of our lives. The team at Daniel’s Dream worked with us to create a plan to transition Shasta – a dog who does not like to be separated from her pack – into our family. It turned out to be the best possible arrangement for all of us, and over the course of several weeks we slowly welcomed her into our home through frequent visits, and when the day came for Shasta to move in, we were already her family.

Furthermore, if they did not have the patience to foster and care for a senior dog for such a long period of time, we’d never have met and fallen in love with Shasta.

Thank you, Daniel’s Dream!


Roxy is an adorable , 10 month old puppy who we adopted at the beginning of July. We weren’t quite sure what to expect with a 10 month old dog and Nellie was a tremendous source of support and guidance. On the 3rd day we had Roxy, I had trouble getting her leash on because she wanted to bite ( puppy bite ) the leash and anything that came near her mouth. Nellie actually came to our house, helped me with the leash and showed me how to properly walk with her.

Roxy loves people, other dogs and cuddling with us, her family. With the help of puppy training( which Nellie strongly encouraged ) Roxy has learned very quickly all the basics like sit, come and how to let us know she needs to go out. We couldn’t be more delighted with our puppy. She brings us a lot of joy and will be a good companion for a long time to come.

Daniels Dream is a tremendous organization doing great work for our furry friends.



(formally Pearl)

To the wonderful people at Daniel’s Dream Rescue: It’s been about 6 weeks since we adopted Hazel (formerly Pearl) into our family and we couldn’t be happier. Nellie and Nancy were great in providing guidance and assistance during the adoption process. They were always available to help with any questions or concerns. Hazel is blossoming in her new home and we can’t wait to looking forward to see what the future has in store!



The addition to Chico into our family has been a blessing to all of us. He has adapted to his new home very quickly, loves running, chasing squirrels in the backyard, cuddling up under the blankets, and playing catch.
Jen Francesco


To the wonderful folks at Daniel’s Dream Rescue,

It’s now been 3 weeks since Beppo (renamed Teddy, for Teddy Bear) has joined our family. We could not be any happier with how all has worked out. He is an absolute dream to have with us, and we are so thankful that we were able to get someone like him, in addition to serving a purpose by helping a dog in need.

The dog is such a loving, well behaved, happy little thing, that he brightens up all that is around him!

You guys did a wonderful job prepping us to make sure this was what we wanted, and made the whole process as seamless as can be.

From Teddy and the Ferguson Family, we thank you SOOOO much and hope all your success stories are as wonderful as ours.


“Kasey is adorable and very sweet. He is very happy living with us and doing well. He enjoys coming to work with us and loves long walks with the family. Thank you for bringing him into our lives!

The Goldstein Family


After only 5 days, I can’t even imagine our lives now without our fur baby, Ranger! It was immediately obvious that Daniel’s Dream Rescue is dedicated and actively working everyday to find their dogs the best homes. Nellie and Nancy were so kind and wonderful and truly care about the animals. They spent a lot of time with us during the meet and greet, getting to know us, making sure we felt it was the right fit, while also helping us to prepare and guiding us in how to help our new little guy adjust to his new home comfortably. I can’t thank Daniel’s Dream enough for making our dream come true by bringing Ranger into our lives and for everything they did to make this such a positive and happy experience!

As far as Ranger, he has made himself right at home! He gets so excited to go for walks and has a little dance he does every time he sees his leash. We’ve had a blast running around, meeting neighborhood dogs, visiting family (who just love him) and enjoying lots of new toys and treats! Ranger also loves snuggling up with mom and dad!

Alicia and Jared


“When we foster a 10-year- old dog with some health challenges, we are prepared to have him with us for a while. That was not the case with our friend Bailey as he was adopted to a lovely couple in Florida! Bailey now lives in the Sunshine State and his struggles are over thanks to the Daniel’s Dream Team and of course his new family!”


“A huge thank you to Daniels Dream dog resue and Joe Dwyer for giving me with my second beagle furbaby boy, Murphy. The day my Murphy came home was a very special day. I had been wanting a sibling for my beagle girl Maddie for awhile, and to my delight the second Murphy walked through my door, he knew he was home. He felt our love and we felt his.  My family is now complete. I couldn’t be more pleased with the rescue and all of the caring individuals who united me with my special boy.  My children have paws ♡♡♡”

–  Jennifer


I am so happy in my new forever home with my new mom and dad. I also have a human sister and two doggie sisters.  She filled out the adoption paper on and then she came to see me at my foster family’s home with two nice ladies from the rescue, Nellie and Nancy.  We had to check it out first to see if my doggie sisters would be friendly towards me, which they were, so I stayed!!!!    I love my new home and family so much!  I have Joe and Daniel, and all the nice people that help Daniels Dream rescue to thank. If we all remember that all lives matter and have love in our hearts, we can make Daniel’s dream come true.

adopted 12/27/15

–  Karen and Troy


He is doing great, learning to sit, stay, come, running in his yard, playing with toys.  After the first day I already knew fostering wasn’t going to work, I wanted to give him the home he deserves, and now has.  IT is a pleasure to have him as my newest family member!!

Sam is such a sweetheart, gentle, playful, loves to jump up on the couch and rest his head on me and sleep.  I think about his beginning and how close he was to death, I am very grateful to the person who brought him into the Vet when they did and to the wonderful volunteers at Daniel’s Promise!!

– James

Papi (aka Mikey)

Papi is exactly as he was described and is such a great dog. We couldn’t love him more! From the day we brought him home we knew he was the perfect dog for us and he has shown us nothing but endless love. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Papi and allow him to join our family. We are so happy we made the decision to adopt and so thankful we found Daniel’s Dream! Thank you so much for the joy you brought to our new family.

– Mark and Laura