tablet-Anxiety-DerpressionPodcast Mod 1: Anxiety / Depression

As numbers continue to rise of people affected by anxiety/depression, especially students of all ages, more remedies and insights are needed. In this audio series, we present some comfort and ideas to consider if you are struggling with anxiety /depression, or if you are a caregiver to someone. Join Daniel and me and feel better.


Podcast Mod 2: Compassion

I have come to believe that compassion is what makes the world go around and if it stops, so will the world. Compassion is the most important quality one can have and the attribute we should spend the most time improving. My Pit Bull Shelby has acted as a therapy dog for many years and has spread more compassion than most humans do in a lifetime! She is a very special individual but how she acts in a compassionate way is something we can all learn from.


Podcast Mod 3: Accountability

Accountability is not a bad word, but for many reasons it can make people squirm when they hear it. Instead, it should be a lifestyle to embrace. When we live a life filled with consistent accountability, more peace and joy enters our presence and it also has positive effects on others. Over the years I have learned quite a bit from positive experiences with accountability, but I have learned even more from the challenging experiences. Most of all, I have learned the most from watching my dogs!