Homeless people are present all over our country and so many of them have dogs that play a major part in their lives. These dogs are so precious to the people they live with and in many cases are their only friend and source of love and compassion.

Unfortunately many of the dogs that live with homeless people are in need of veterinary care, including spays or neuters.

Although, many charitable institutions provide food and water for the people, just as many do not provide for their dogs.

Daniel’s Dream will partner with some contacts on both the east coast and the west coast to assist the homeless and their dogs. Financial assistance will be provided to help feed the dogs and provide some funding towards the well being of the dog.

Your gift matters not only to the dogs we will take care of but the people as well!

Although we would love to be of service in other areas, we will need to begin very slowly since we will have to focus on the dogs in immediate need, and our educational component of Daniel’s Dream.

As Daniel’s Dream grows we will look to expand this initiative to other places in the country.

Thank you for your support, and spreading the word about Daniel’s Dream for every dog to have a loving home.