We at Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue were saddened by the loss of one of our inspirations, Shelby Dwyer, to cancer this year. For her entire life, Shelby was a model to be followed, emulating a beauty and grace that most of us can only hope to embody. Shelby had the roughest start possible, having humans who used her as a bait dog and hurt her and let her down in every single way a human can let someone down.

Shelby had every reason to hate and be angry, but she took that experience and used it to make the world better. As a licensed therapy dog, Shelby and her owner, Joe Dwyer, went to people in their darkest hour, and through the grace of Shelby, made their worlds better at least for that moment. Shelby’s light shined on everyone who she met.

From Shelby’s passing, we at Daniel’s Dream wish to turn our tragedy into hope for the future. For the first annual Daniel’s Dream/Shelby Dwyer Memorial Scholarship, we are looking for a young man or woman who has faced extreme adversity similar to that of our beloved Shelby, but who has harnessed that experience and made a better life for themselves and a better world for us all. Applicants must be 8th grade students going into high school or seniors graduating this year to go onto college.  Those students should possess a desire to help others in need, exemplify kind and compassionate behavior, and embody the spirit of Shelby Dwyer.