Congratulations on your decision to adopt and save a life from a shelter! We at Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue believe that once you adopt from us you become part of our “family”. We will stay in contact with you long after your adoption has been completed so you stay a member of our “family”. Please complete all of the information on the following pages. Your application will be screened and someone from Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue, Inc. will contact you. Our adoption donation is $300. This donation goes towards various costs pertaining to our rescues (vet visits, spay/neuter vaccines, etc.) but does cover the whole cost. Any additional donations are appreciated!

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During the application process, please note that we may be contacting your references, place of employment, landlord, and/or veterinarian. We will also be making a home visit before the application is final.

Please read all of the following:

  • I agree to provide care from this day forward to my new pet.  This includes adequate food, water, exercise, shelter, veterinary care, and lots of love. The pet will be kept in the house and will not be tethered outside.
  • I agree never to sell, trade, or surrender the pet to any agency.
  • I agree that Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue, Inc. will have first option of reclaiming the pet.
  • I agree that the adoption fee is non-refundable and there is no reimbursement if the adoption does not work out.
  • I agree that all expenses incurred after I take possession of pet will be my sole responsibility and Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue, Inc. is released of any and all liabilities whether financially or other.
  • I hereby understand that the Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue, Inc. may have no prior information of age, breed, health issues, training, registration, or other. Any information shared by Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue, Inc. is of own experience with the pet and Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue, Inc. makes no warranties of any kind concerning pet.
  • I agree to provide Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue, Inc., or his/her designate, access to all parts of my home and property for a home inspection before my application to adopt is approved.
  • I agree that I am over 21 years of age.
  • I will not transfer possession or custody of my adoption to any other person at any time, except for temporary, short-term possession for the purpose of vet care, grooming, etc.
  • I agree to contact the Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue, Inc. with any and all questions or concerns about my adoption.

I have read this Agreement in its entirety and I agree that all statements and stated agreements contained in this document are made by me, and are truthful. I acknowledge that any falsification of the above information is grounds for denial of this application.

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