Joe Dwyer

Chairman and Speaker

As a teenager, Joe Dwyer was bullied, had a terrible case of psoriasis, and lacked self-confidence. Joe suffered through anxiety and depression without the help of any medication.

In his adult life, he has become a 3rd degree Black Belt, exercises every day, and has gained and learned confidence through his own life experiences and his dogs.  He has over 25 years of business experience serving as an executive both at Verizon and the Archdiocese of Newark.  He won many awards for his Labor/ Management relations’ efforts and settled grievances fairly but with a decisive style. And of course, he learned much of this conflict resolution from his dogs!

A Journey to Knock Out Toxins 6Joe had a choice of how to use his personal and business experiences.  He decided to parlay his experiences into a speaking platform to help teenagers knock out emotional toxins while simultaneously saving the dogs he loves.

Today Joe is an accomplished dog trainer, an Animal Chaplain, a Pet Loss counselor, and he still exercises daily and practices Karate. Most of all, he is a leading authority of Knocking Out emotional toxins, by using his life experiences and soaking in a lot of canine wisdom.

Joe Dwyer has been active as a motivational speaker focusing on “Bullying” and animal rights as his primary topics. He weaves those topics together into a series he calls “Knocking Out Toxins”.

Joe has been active with the National Speakers Association and Coach U (a world class coach training organization).

A certified dog trainer and animal activist, Joe has four rescued dogs. He is the author of “Shelby’s Grace” and “Daniel, The Miracle Beagle”, which tell poignant stories of two of his rescues and has also authored “The Dog Ate My Homework” which is about accountability from a dog’s view.

Joe and his wife Geralynn live in Nutley, New Jersey with their two children, Joe and Jenna and of course their four canine kids, Greta, Spartacus, Shelby (a certified therapy dog), and Daniel (The Miracle Beagle).

Enrich yourself and those you love by embracing Joe’s unique approach to a more compassionate and peaceful life!