Daniel the Beagle

Survivor, Motivator, Dreamer

Joe.DanielDaniel’s dream began when he survived the gas chamber.  Many people were inspired and Joe Dwyer and his family were lucky enough to become his forever home after many important fosters cared for him.  For Daniel’s dream of saving every dog in need to become a reality, we need to inspire others to use their compassion to become committed to saving dogs in need.

Daniel’s Dream Rescue begins with saving dogs on death’s row and placing them with a foster family.  Once a suitable family has been chosen, our adoptions will be a celebration and each family will then become part of the “Daniel’s Dream” family.  Daniel’s Dream believes in creating a network of fosters and adopters because every individual has an important role in the process of saving a dog.

We strongly believe that whatever role you play in saving a dog will also save you.  The tag line “Who Saved Who” is prominent in Daniel’s Dream because we believe that dog rescue (no matter what your role) can bring compassion and solace into your life and to the life of the rescued dog.

Daniel’s Dream Rescue is committed to saving dogs in the present and the future.  Joe and Daniel travel to schools to educate teenagers and young adults on the importance of compassion and being kind to animals.  Another way Daniel’s Dream is supporting saving dogs in need is by Joe, using his 30 years of business and fundraising experience, to work with and help shelters and rescues in need.  Along with their crusade to limit the amount of dogs that end up in shelters, they will continue to strive to find a forever home for every dog in need.