A Journey to KnockOut Toxins 8

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As I pull into the parking lot at the gym the cold water is rushing to my head. I am experiencing my daily dose of an anxiety attack and this time the portion size is very large.

As I get out of the car it is difficult to move but I know from experience that I need to get going and it will help, even a little.

Yes, I do still deal with anxiety and depression every day and it is not easy at times. However, it brings me to an important toxin in life. It is the toxin of excess.

I bet you are wondering how this can be a lesson on conquering the toxin of excess after staggering around my gym parking lot with an anxiety attack.

How many times have we heard about no matter how bad we have it, someone has it worse. It is often true, but very hard to keep in mind when we are filled with toxins. As the anxiety attack hit me, I could have been thinking of the many people who physically cannot make it to the gym each day. While, I still can regardless of anxiety.

Another choice to be made when we are hit with a toxin as I was on this day is to push harder to overcome it. We need to strive for that hunger that drives us to those things we need in our life.

It seems as if I am making contradictory statements about how best to handle the toxin of excess. However, this time the answer is in the confusion!

To effectively handle the toxin of excess in our life we must have the same approach as when we sit down for a nice meal.

When we are having our favorite dinner we should immediately develop a balanced mindset that has us in a state of deep appreciation for what we have, to enjoy it without taking it for granted, but to always leave the table a little hungry.

That said, there is not much more for me to say or I risk going to the excess for this post!

Sustained satisfaction in life comes from a blend of feeling totally satisfied and appreciative for all we have but remaining hungry enough to come back the next day and find more fulfillment

This 8-week journey may have come to an end, but the subject of knocking out toxins is an ongoing process for those who love life and all it has to offer.

Stay with us!


  • Great series. I admire your being open and honest about the anxiety attacks and the depression. That has been my fate in life also, and no one knows (except those of us who have experienced it) how much courage it takes for people like us with anxiety and/or depression to function fairly normally each day. Courage is not in having no fear but in proceeding on despite the fear.

    • Joe says:

      Dear Cary,

      Thank you so much and our appreciation to you for being with us on the journey. I love your definition of courage!

      Peace, Joe

  • Taylor Noel says:

    I have really enjoyed your series, Joe. I find that your words resonate with me long after I have read them. Even when I am through with the reading and I thought perhaps that this one wasn’t applicable to me, or I disagreed with the simplicity I would find hours later something in my day would jump out with an ‘ah-ha’ moment and I would have a different perspective of what you wrote and how it relates to toxins of my own. Your honesty and perspective has been helpful to me and I thank you for sharing your courage with us through your series.

    • Joe says:

      Hi Taylor,

      Thank you so much for your comment, the observation you made, and for staying with us for the entire series. I have many of those same moments so if I wrote the 8 blogs again starting today they would be a little different and that is why the journey needs to continue.
      Please share our website with your family and friends.

      Peace, Joe

  • Mary Duck says:

    Taylor, I sooo agree with all you had to say. I also can relate to what Joe has said, either right away or later on in the “ah-ha” moment. So much I can relate to !!!! I just need to get through the other side of what I’m dealing with right then, and I can see the use/meaning of it in my life !!!!! There’s always a reason for what happens to us !!

    Thanks, Taylor and Joe

    • Joe says:


      Thank you so much. I really love the different perspectives as I am convinced they add even more value to what the dogs are teaching us!

      Peace, Joe

  • Laura says:

    Dearest Joe,
    I have really enjoyed this series and through these blogs have been able to release alot that I have held in. I use to be ashamed of my depression/anxiety but have learned over the years there is nothing to be ashamed about!! I have always been one to give more than I take especially when it comes to animals in need. I have always gone away a little bit hungry to feed the animals that are more hungry than me. People always find me strange because i’m so for the animals but i dont let ity bother me anymore. I feel i’m doing what god put me on this earth to do!! You/Daniel have really helped me to open up and release and know it’s ok to be different. My dad (Oh how I miss him) use to say “If we were all the same it would be a pretty boring world” God Bless you/Daniel for the love/inspiration you have for people/animals xoxo

    • Joe says:

      Hi Laura,

      I must say that your comment “made my week”! Thank you so much. I believe you are correct that God has us on this journey for some awesome reasons and helping animals, and letting them help us is a beautiful reason for sure.
      I also love and agree with your Dad’s quote.

      Peace, Joe and Daniel

  • Donna Boboch says:

    I just read your latest blog, Joe Dwyer, and I realize now what I have been missing here! I am your steadfast fan and Daniel’s, of course, from the very beginnings. However, I never subscribed to your most helpful and inspirational blog. I am going to attempt to do this right now, and also share it with all my friends, who all must be dog lovers, I believe. This is absolutely great writing, Joe! Sharing your insights, thoughts and perspective in action, is a great inspiration and lessons. Please keep writing to and for us, with Daniel’s wise help, and for all the God’s creatures.
    St. Francis of Assisi, is blessing us all from the Heavens!

    Sincerely and with Love,

    • Joe says:

      Dear Donna,

      Thank you so much. Having you along on our journey is great news! We certainly will keep up our writing and podcasts. Daniel insists on it!
      I am also a big “fan” of St Francis!

      Peace, Joe

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