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December 2014

One Day in March

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I had reached a point I never thought I would reach with anxiety and depression. My stomach hurt so much I was not sure I could drive home. The ice cold water feeling rushing through my head was not helping. To top off this moment, the roads were very icy and it was not easy to drive. That is when I saw the little brown and black dog hobbling his way along the side of the road. Just beyond where he was struggling to walk was a wooded area. I pulled the car over to see what I could do, but as I got out of the car, I could barely balance myself the way I felt. Wearing a suit and dress shoes I ran over towards where he was. At the same time a car came by at a high speed, which really scared the dog, and he took off into the wooded area. I tried to find him but to no avail. It was then I realized I had left my car running probably 50 yards away and I was feeling even worse than I had 10 minutes earlier. I struggled back to my car, tears streaming from my face.

I really wanted to find this dog but it seemed like it was not meant to be. For many days this event haunted me and I even stopped a few more days near the same area to see if he might still be there.

There will always be one animal or person out there that needs our help and maybe for whatever reason we cannot do what needs to be done.

A few months later in the summer I played a very important role in rescuing a dog from a bad situation and finding him a forever loving home.

As he drove off with a family that I was 100% convinced was going to give him love every day, I thought about that dog on the side of the road a few months earlier.

It has been nearly 6 years since I saw that dog in need and took off without regard to my suit and dress shoes to try and save him. Nothing mattered that day besides helping that dog and the fact that I did not still remains with me today.

There is something that has changed. Today, more so than even a few months ago, that little guy motivates me to keep running whenever possible and to never ever give up trying to save the dogs I love so much.

When I studied Pet Loss my number one phrase was “every life matters”. Often times people dismiss the life of a companion animal and that unfortunate fact is important to know when you are trying to help people who have lost a beloved pet.

‘Every Life matters” is even more important in other situations, and to value each one of them as the gift they really are is an attribute I will have more than ever.

All credit is given to the little brown and black dog. I do love you!!

Daniel’s Signature

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When Daniel became part of our family almost three years ago, we knew that he was only a baby, probably 6-8 months old. He had a clumsy trot when he was out in the back yard and he demonstrated the mannerisms of an immature young dog.

Three years later, none of that has changed, not even a little! Although we are still convinced he was only a puppy back when he arrived, it is clear that these traits are with him for life!

Our actual signature may change over time but for the most part how we sign our name remains remarkably consistent. That said, mine has gotten a little sloppier, but that is only due to the fact that I rush now more than ever to sign my name.

The most important signature we can have is our youthful attitude, and Daniel has provided us with a great model.

Daniel’s signature is about being joyful, no matter what! I can tell you that on more than one occasion I was stressed when we were leaving for an event. It has never deterred him. He arrives at every event whether it is across town or across country with a joyful attitude.

As Daniel’s signature continues the joy he carries is in spite of past tragedy. He lived homeless for several months and then he was brought to a shelter where he came as close as possible to losing his life.

He will never let those past experiences stand in the way of a 24 hour-a-day joy that he lives.

The most important part of Daniel’s signature, that we should all be most impressed with, is how he wants to spread his joy to others. Dogs are social animals, but there is no doubt that Daniel brings it to another level.

He kisses just about every person he meets with such enthusiasm. And these kisses are performed whether the person wants them or not.

Daniel’s motivation is clear. He wants to spread a message of joy to each person he interacts with, and he does it in spite of what may be on his mind at that moment.

It is in fact his signature.

Daniel and I truly hope that we have convinced you to look closely at your own signature. You can enhance your signature by bringing in your unique self and by doing so in a joyful way and always sharing with others.