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August 2013

When I Was Younger . . .

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I have realized that I have started way too many sentences lately with “when I was younger…” or “when I was in school…”, but I have realized that now I do not need to remind myself that I am getting old or that some things are very different than years ago. Instead what I do need to do is limit how much I look back on the past and instead focus on the present. In addition, there are plenty of things that have not changed from years ago. These constants are yet another area to focus on. Now that I have said a “mouthful” and then some, lets take a stroll down memory lane with an eye on the constants that are a joyous part of life’s journey.

To accomplish this important task I will call on my canine friends and family members since as always they have a great deal of wisdom to share.

I have been married to the same wonderful woman for 30 years and I can honestly say that the love we share today is the same, or better, than it was the day we got married.

If I were to dwell on the things that have changed, most of which are not nearly as important, I may miss this very important and joyous constant.

Shelby and Daniel had very rough beginnings in life. For them, a constant reminder of a difficult youth could last a very long time.

However, both have taken this difficulty and have used it for the greater good of those in need. That is their only reminder of a tough past.

Shelby was abused and abandoned, but now acts as a therapy dog for those in need of compassion. She would never call back and say “when I was younger, I had it tough…”

Instead the past brings an opportunity to take the events of life and do something positive every day moving forward.

Daniel is now the “spokes dog” to end the use of the gas chamber. His miracle survival now only means the ability to not only end this horrible practice but to create a more compassionate world while promoting adoptions of companion animals and treating each like family.

How many times have we called back something of minimal importance from our past or dwelled on a negative event?

The opportunity exists for each of us to remember and share good constants from the past and to use those challenging moments to carve a future that will create a more peaceful and compassionate life for all.