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Meet Joe Dwyer

When Daniel and I visit, we provide sustaining inspiration beyond just the presentation we provide. Our content rich websites and ongoing connection with your school/organization will provide the audience with a more peaceful and compassionate filled life as more dogs are given the life they deserve.

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Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

We are all professionally trained volunteers in pet bereavement counseling, and are here for you. Our beloved animal friends have brought us together, and in honor of them we are now all here for each other, as well. Our services are free and available to anyone bereaving for a beloved pet.

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Spring Newsletter

Through the education of young adults, Daniel’s Dream strives to inform and mentor the “next generation” on how to knock out emotional and physical toxins. Read our newsletter to learn more about how Daniel’s Dream is winning.

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Daniel’s Dream / Shelby Dwyer Memorial Scholarship

We at Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue were saddened by the loss of one of our inspirations, Shelby Dwyer, to cancer this year. For her entire life, Shelby was a model to be followed, emulating a beauty and grace that most of us can only hope to embody.

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Meet Joe and Daniel.

They want to come to your school or function and talk to the community. Motivating them though…………

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Sandi Powell tell us how Daniel’s story influenced her life.

Sweet darling baby boy, I was so totally upset to learn that this was done to you in my homestate of Alabama..I think that it why I fell so deeply in love with you! I have lived in Forida for past 25 years and your survival story changed my life. Every one who knows me now calls me "the crazy dog lady" I do everything possible to help shelter animasl since then. I am 65 years old, I donate money as often as possible( I DON"T hav emuch) I DID volunteer to walk lthem until I got too crippled for that. I still donate many items to shelters. And I sign petitions and share petitions for all the animal protection that I can. Everyone gets annoyed with my facebook 'cause most all posts are Dog related. I became a Dog Mom 9 years ago and I pray that someday all animals will have the same loving home that I give my baby boy and that your family gives you! I thank God that your dad rescued you!! I so wish I could give you a hug, ask your dad to give you one for yes, your story changed my outlook on life completely!

Sandi Powell